My love of October

On the morning of October the 4th i will not yet be 14, as i was born in the afternoon.
However i will (most likely) receive a few small things, i am not expecting because that is rude and ungrateful but i am hoping and wishing, off of my wishlist. Why is this? because October the 4th is my birthday : )
I love October. The month in general, not only for the reason of my birthday but because of all the small things. Here it goes for the adjectives and adverbs, and my literacy inner self letting go with poetic nonsense...

 1) The leaves begin to drop off the bare, frosty tree's - diluting into coppery orange tones that glow gold like the sunshine was stolen from the sky and wound around the bright green life, storing itself deep within the pillows of crisp, sapphire heaps, ready for a nap in the cosy cracks and corners of the streets pavements. i will stop.

 2) The wind makes me feel alive as weird as that makes me sound but when you walk outdoors for the first time in the morning and i am walking to my school bus. The fresh, frosty air gives me a much needed slap in the face and gives me a prettier-than-sweat rosy glow!

 3) Music aloud in the rain at the local park with my friends, us all wrapped up in wooly knits, mittens and beanies hiding from the splatters of frosty water drops falling.

 4) Double choca mochas. I have one everyday, honestly they are too good you should all try them! They are coffee and hot chocolate in one! but mine have more hot chocolate because i prefer them that way. You can get the sachets in tesco and you can get different varieties of them! : ) now i am not used to sickly sweet hot chocolates so i can never drink a full one when they are given to me. I would say mochas are better for those who perhaps like coffee (but honestly mine hardly taste like coffee at all) and those who find hot chocolate a bit much!

 5) Halloween!!! i cannot wait. It is one of my favourite celebrations of all time, over pancake day and over easter in some cases... I am not in Halloween for the sweets, i never was, but for the dress up! I love to dress up but not the tacky type at all, i like to go for the pretty supernatural look haha. I will be posting some halloween themed make-up and inspiration soon too!

♥ 6) Books. In the winter and autumn is when i love to read! I like books that are meant for younger than me. Not because they are more understandable, i just prefer the storylines, i find them innocent and imaginative. I also like old books like the writing style is slightly proper and old fashioned. At the moment i am reading the naughtiest girl series, i am on the 9th out of 10! But i always get distracted by my ipod and pinterest and well, this. I will hopefully get a new book for my brithday so i can retrieve my bookworm days ;)

♥ 7) Photography. I love my photography as i can capture the pretty things and try to make interesting pictures out of ordinary things. I like to play with the light and me and my dad went out at night last year and got some good motorway pictures. The ones that the light blurs across the whole road. However i prefer my natural looking pictures like tree's and flowers :)

♥ 8) i even love the word. It is pretty, unusual and kind of haunting. October feels magical to me...

Hope you enjoyed that as much as i did writing it, only a short post but personally i prefer those from other bloggers too! 
What do you love about October? 


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  2. Awh I read the Naughtiest Girl Series! I think it's totally sweet and those Enid Blyton books always made me want to go to a Boarding School! Great post and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR THE 4TH!xx

    1. Thanks Evie! I know they are for like 8 year old's but i like them so, haha :D yeah boarding school would be fun if it was like that! xx

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    1. Thankyou very much Alice! : ) i will have a look at your blog right now! xx