Plumper Lips

A plump pout is something that i have always yearned for. I guess i am more of a eye and hair girl. My lips barely visible unless i protrude my tongue between my teeth and my bottom lip slides out with a look of the Guffalo... better not. 
Here is a few tips i have tried, yes it works but you have to keep on top of the routine, either daily or more!
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 1) First thing first, your lips need to be smooth. Exfoliate lips before bed gently using a rough towel or flannel in small circular movements, you can use a toothbrush but i find it makes the skin on my lips break only making them rougher! After exfoliation you really must balm them up with petroleum jelly or a natural lip balm. 
The exfoliation will stimulate the blood flow to the lips which plumps your pout while giving them a nice, healthy, rosy tone. Lovely. 

2) Lighten up your lip-lining technique! Please do not draw completely over your lip-line, the inside of your line should still touch the outside of your natural line and then you can add slightly. I join up my cupid's bow with very light colour to make my top lip a little fuller.  Use a slightly blunter pencil to get a softer edge on your cupids bow and underneath the bottom lip. Naturally the peachy colour of your lips will fade out without obvious lines so do a soft line then smudge into your lip carefully. 

3) Faking fullness is all about playing with light and colour. Use a lipgloss in a nude, tinted peach or a pink hue. Choosing dark shades make lips look narrower and thin because you can tell where the lip ends. Apply the gloss to the very outer corners of your lips and sides so that in the centre of each lip you can dot on a clear or paler toned gloss. Tadaaa a 3d effect using two glosses and an optional lip-liner! Note: in a LIGHT colour! 

And now you can fake the fullest of plump pouts. If your ultimate wish is to have lips like Angelina please don't invest in injections nor surgery. Thin lips can be beautiful as they make your eyes stand out more. I have used these very tips and have conjured up alot of know-how over the last couple years of wanting my lips naturally fuller. 


Pretty Party Nails

  This is my very first beauty post about a swanky nail design that's really simple and i found it out by experimenting myself. This nail look is good if your varnish is beginning to chip and as mine was i couldn't bring myself to remove it, it was a chanel polish and probably the last i could get out of the bottle! I like nail designs that are easy - not because i don't have time but because i have not yet mastered a steady left hand in nail painting. Honestly i have only taught my left hand to paint my right hand nails recently and if i try to push it's skills it looks an utter mess. So this nail look should be fool-proof and both hands should look beautiful and neat!
*All photo's are mine
Firstly paint your nails in whatever colour you like (or the colour it was already painted in even if it has a few chips), I suggest putting on a base coat of clear before so the colour in the polish doesn't stain your natural nails. 
I painted mine in 'Chanel: Organdy' a sheek, classic and girly pink.

Then, when it has dried, paint on your second colour, one nail at a time because the next step is to get a cotton bud i think they call them Q-tips in america and with light pressure dab away at the second coat to get a concrete effect. When your dabbing at it, the polish should be still damp, that's why you do it one at a time otherwise they would have dried. Common sense, see i do have some ;)
You should think about what colours go well in this, a good mix is denim blue underneath with white on top so it looks like acid wash jeans or navy blue with silver on top looks like a pretty night sky.
Claire's mini nail polish in 20

And lastly on 3 out of 5 of your nails paint on a sparkly polish if you want to razzle dazzle it up a bit! 
Barry M's sequin nail effect polishes look best and i chose one in SNP 1 pink, on my index finger, thumb and the ring finger (the finger next to the little finger). Barry M also do the sequin nail effect in white, black and pink. They are honestly beautiful and look so yummy - it actually looks like a birthday cake mixed with magic and sequins stuck to your nail.
And this is the end result, a concrete and sequin girly look for day and night. 

Thanks for reading bebs
Are they called Q-tips? 


An act of random kindness

An Act Of Random Kindness...

Faith in Humanity Restored
Photo from weheartit
Just yesterday me and three friends went shopping in our local city center and as we walked down the street we noticed a homeless man. It was the hottest day of the year but this man seemed to have a thick hoodie on, a sleeping bag knotted round him and a beanie underneath!He also had a dirty beard, a common sign of homelessness. He seemed so out of place amongst the hundreds of summery chums passing. When me and Soph went to starbucks she bought a very large, pink frappe thingy and the woman behind the till told her that after 2pm she could get any drink for £2. She decided to give that drink to the homeless man we had noticed earlier (awh how kind!) Since kindness is contagious and she was about to do such a lovely thing, i wanted to take part in this little session of cuteness ;) So i just bought a marshmallowy thingy at starbucks too and we ventured over to the (scary) looking man who was "making love"(please note: he wasn't actually being sexual with the food he was eating ferociously with puppy dog eyes) to a small burger he bought from McDonalds obviously enjoying it and obviously hungry! 
First of all we were - well a little hesitant, he looked pretty rough and about 35; we are 13 and vulnerable children. lols. But we thought #YOLO ha just kidding we felt like good citizens and decided he needed our random act of kindness to help him through the long day. 
After we gave our little sacrifice he thanked us very much, good guy good guy. And SINCE he was so appreciative we later went to the pound shop (i wasn't feeling that nice ;)) and bought 6 bottles of water -  what you can get these days for a pound, and gave them to the poor guy, who again thanked us very much. 
What i'm getting at here is that our little sacrifice can make a huge amount of difference to one persons life - he will probably remember us now as the sweet little, angelic children...And a random act of kindness is just what this world needs. If you did one every month even every week, wouldn't that make someones life positively better? And if everyone did one, every week, even every day, wouldn't that cure so many problems, make the world a better place to live? 
Make your random act of kindness today :)

mwa my friends
for more information visit
For my friend Soph's blog visit
peace out turtle ninja's

It's all about me tag

Vital Statistics

Me: Claudia
Nicknames: Clauds, Claudi, Cladge, Cloud
Birthday: 4th October 1999
Place Of Birth: Chelmsford UK
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Papergirl!
Residence: Essex
Screen Name: Claudirella


Hair Colour: Brown 
Hair Length: Long
Eye Colour: Blue :)
Best feature: Eyes
Height: 5ft 1''?
Braces: nope and i never will!
Glasses: Nope
Piercings?: One on each ear
Tattoo's: Nope
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your First's

First Best Friend: Emilia and Jemilla
First Awards: Probably a ballet award - but then i quit
First Sport You Joined: Ballet, but i quit because the teacher told me i was flat footed and i hated it :( ha
First Real Vacation: Portugal
First Concert: One Direction! Oh yeah :D
First Love: ehh


Favourite Movie: Difficult one! maybe Matilda 
Favourite TV Show: I'm really into morning shows like Sunday Brunch or like in general disney channel :) 
Favourite Colours: Pink and Blue and Green
Song: Taylor Swift "All too well" or, "Ave Maria" by Beyonce, the old classics :)
Candy: I don't know the proper name for them but those strawberry sweets 
Restaurant: Pizza Express or Tutti's please
Store: Miss Selfridge and H&M but there are soooo many!
School: ......
Book: The English Roses (mainly for the pictures) or Anne Frank
Magazine: Vogue or Look
Shoes: Espadrilles for summer, for winter short, tan boots or wellies!


Feeling: Super excited
Single or Taken: Single ha
Eating: nothingg
Typing: um this?
Online: what even is this question of course i'm fucking online
Listening to: Avril Lavinge "contagious"
Thinking About: this post and what i'm having for dinner
Wanting: Potato zoo for dinner and ideas for new posts
Watching: computer screen
Wearing: a denim dress from h&m and i love it SO much


Want children? I want lots of mini people yes! i love children and i cannot wait even when they are adults i love the idea :)

Want to be married? Well of course my lovely children need a father (a cute one though possibly spanish?)
Careers in mind? my mind changes allll the time! I want to make it to be a skin scientist but i would love to work in something creative like advertising
Where do you want to live? A greek island please or somewhere in America or just English countryside

Have you ever

Kissed a stranger? Nope, well not that i can remember
Had alcohol? Yes but not very much
Smoked? noooo wayyyy neverrrrrr
Ran away from home? nope
Broken a bone? i fractured my arm near my shoulder in two places when a big lady on a sledge crashed into me
Got an x-ray? yes like i said i fractured my arm
Broken someones heart? i think so :(
Broken up with someone? nope
Cried when someone died? no because no one i know has died but when a girl tried to die i cried :(
Cried at school? no - i'm hard

Do you believe in

God: yes
Miracles: yes
Love at first sight: yes
Ghosts: kinda
Aliens: yes, we can't be alone
Soul mates: yes
Heaven: yes
Hell: nope
Kissing on the first date: if you really feel you want to then heck yeah!
Yourself: of course, i can do anything if i wanted to and so can you :)

I tag Lily and Soph

i tag everyone though because i think by reading these you get to know the little details about someone you don't normally ask