I'm so retro: How I made homegrown blackcurrant jam

Helloo Potter,
Sorry chums I watched Harry Potter for the first time last night (it wasn't even the first one) and i haven't even finished it. It is alright but i'm a little slow understanding who's who so i might watch it again, i do like it aloot more than i thought i would though! Wasn't suggesting you made pots or nothing mate. But afterwards i had to text a couple of the girls to let them know it has finally happened - i got a woop woop!
Anywho - i made blackcurrant jam. So retro. And i thought i would share my experience with you - or my dads lols. Yeah, it is my DADS hands in the pictures so don't go labelling me man-hands okay.

You are going to need some un-ripe fruit (like when a banana is green...if your making banana jam!)
I had a kg of blackcurrants, ours filled 6 jam jars, you might not want that much so do the maths yay
You need the same amount of fruit as sugar e.g. 450g fruit therefore 450g sugar

1. Weigh your fruit! Then weigh your sugar so it weighs the same!

2. Pick the stalks - no one likes stalky jam

3. Place the fruit in a saucepan

4. Add 250ml of water

5. Bring to boil -  ours got a little frothy and nearly overflowed but it looked amazing and pinky!

6. Simmer for 20 minutes ...simmer is a little bubbly but not like the overflowy picture, i didn't know that before ;)
7. Add the sugar!

8. Add a squeeze of lemon juice since it helps it set
9. Bring back to the boil for a minimum of 10 minutes, the water should have evaporated and it will be reduced down, IF you have done it right that is, please keep an eye on it because no one likes burnt or stalky jam!
10. If - beforehand you put a plate or saucer in the fridge so it is cold (obviously) then you can take that out and test to see if the jam sets on it... All you do is put a tiny bit on the cold plate and wait a couple of minutes, if it looks jelly like, pretty much the same as jam CONGRATULATIONS if not keep it on the boil till you get the right consistency on the plate : )
11. Lastly, pour into sterilized jam jars and whack on a lid! Hint: sterilized jars are basically clean ones but to make them extra free of bacteria (YOU NEED TO DO THIS) put them in the oven for 20 minutes on 150 degrees!

Have fun! And if you have any queries or you have made a perfect pot please let me know in the comments x Claudia


  1. I love jam! great post I have followed your blog :)
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    1. Sorry i thought i would use reply instead haha, thankyou very much! do you have a blog? if you do please leave your address so i can read it! i am a big jam lover too ;)

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