my hannah montana life; school me vs real me


 sorry i haven't been around in a few days, i guessed it, been at school.

Oh school is like my life 24/5 (yep otherwise i wouldn't be writing this!) 
Now i am in year 9 i have 30 minute long homework 
And gain about 3 homework per day
With only about 5 hours free time at home after
It sounds enough - doesn't it? 5 hours
It takes me an hour to relax and about 2 for dinner and preparation for yet again the next day of school 
So i generally dedicate my childhood years, it leaves me with about 2 hours for well homework which on a bad day should take me an hour and a half - or longer...
what free time then?
See where i'm going with this? 
It is a bloody prison, so children slave away having to answer questions about, i don't know, how rock erodes for an hour each lesson, then expect you to listen to their boring lectures of how to write a letter to the the goverment*, but instead (i am not the only person guilty of this) daydreaming about better things...

louis tomlinson and harry styles walking through the door willing to take me from my villain - the p.e. teacher...just when she announces the dreaded words 

cross country


Don't get me wrong. I do like school, i don't get bullied, i have many friends of which i can rely on to make my day at school much happier and bearable, and i do enjoy learning about the suffrogettes and how to paint yourself manga style, but there are many rules i would turn around and many teachers i would sack, then perhaps kick out the country or send to space.. ;)

I really could go on about all sorts of school annoyances: the other students in my year and the one below how they are the bitchiest girls and boys i will ever know (that rhyme came out of nowhere, but i kinda like it)... And how just when your self-esteem goes up they tear you right down again so your, as taylor swift might say "lying on the cold hard ground" oh yes, they strip you of the slightest and most natural looking makeup just to make you want to rebel in year 10 and 11 when you are allowed to wear makeup! 

Overall i am a different girl at school, i am nerdy and have little confidence, my voice changes depending on who i am speaking to, i constantly fret i will fart in assembly in front of the whole year though it has never happened and i feel like total crap - just how i look.

But i guess the school won't be changing any time soon, so i have decided this year i am going to work extremely hard and we will be able to pick our subjects so that should be good :) yay

Is your school like mine? Do you wear uniform like me or what you want? Please let me know! :) x
P.S. i do really like school aswell, i am just picking out the negatives. go me! I am sure if i told you about the positives that would be extremely boring so good for you, i won't! 

mwa, Claudia x


  1. Ive just started year 9 too and literally all the teachers tell us about is GCSE's and i really dont want to hear it;) And i also get told to take off just the simplest of eyemakeup - which is not affecting my education whatsoever- so i feel more self-conscious than ever. YAY SCHOOL.

    1. eugh i know! i will hear about exams in year 11 not now! i am the same, i am not bothered about taking the skin makeup off but i need to keep the mascara :) just tear me down miss.smith, just tear me down

    2. and some people get away with it and here i am taking it all off while they get to keep it on like how is that even fair, no.

    3. omg thats exactly what happens at my school are you sure we don't go to the same school or something??