how to jazz up that teeny tiny picture...part 2

Part 2!

Now you have your cute favicon that you created from part 1 you can add it to your actual blog!

Firstly, you want to go into your blogger dashboard, then your layout then click on the edit bit of your favicon button which looks like this...

Now - once on edit, you can clickety click on the browse button!
Find your ready made favicon, it should be in your downloads file because you downloaded it dude! And it should have .ico on the end :)

After you accomplished that you can go ahead and open it!

The icon takes a little while to actually change but once it has, i am certain it will look beautiful! :)

 I hope you do change it because it is great to add your own little touch to things, after all we are all unique and i like to explore other people's choices because it's interesting.
Have a lovely evening! Mwa x


  1. wow thankyou. i didn't know how to do that before :)
    i love your blog. following you now, mind to follow back? <3

    1. no, i don't mind at all yunita! thankyou! :) x