Polka dots

Oh my gosh guys right now i'm in love with polka dots!
The polka dot pattern is sheek, cute and vintage. The red and white polka dots remind me of minnie mouse, of course, and as a disney junkie it is my job to hunt down an item with this sweet style. I don't own any polka dots at all because i have always been into stripes; the jean paul gautier blue and white stripes are my favourite but just  now i only have eyes for the spots. Also being a tad in love with Louis Tomlinson i had to buy a few more jean paul gautier inspired tops - yeah i wore one to the concert with braces...aren't i cool.    ( If you don't know why or who he is, pretty rare, louis is from 1D and that is his old signiture look)
Here are some examples of the adorable pattern, no - not the stripes, the spots are here instead!

Pretty dress
Photo from weheartit
This dress is right 'on the dot' lols thought that was worth putting in, but not be slutty, i think it's too long. I am really short so shorter lengthens my legs. But it is bang on trend with polka dots and the pastel mint. A small insight - pastel is in this winter! I think Taylor Swift would suit this dress too, its her hemline and her vintage style, here you are Taylor..
| Fashion ♥
Photo from weheartit
Holy sjfhsifboald these tights!!! I want these so bad so if anyone can tell me where to get some from it would make my week??? Okay so the dress they're pictured with i deteste unless it's Christmas? Though the hemline suits me... Anywho it is all about these fricken tights because underneath shorts (because i'm so 2008) they would bring some cuteness to a grungy outfit and with your little black dress,( or blue, or pink, or any colour since they go with everything) i can guarentee you will look adorable. IT IS SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE.

Free People Much A Do Mini at Free People Clothing Boutique
Photo from weheartit, yet again..
YES this dress is my favourite okay. I must say the other polka dots can come across as cheesy -there i said it. But this maxi brings a whole new meaning to the average 'cute' 'mr tumble' 'mr blobby' look! 
It's indie and sophisticated but i cannot find anything like it, whether that's a good thing or a bad i am not sure. But the way they style this makes me love it all the better, the navy buckle boots are god damn cool, the layered bracelets bring an edgey touch and the simple gold oval necklace is very indie and unique.
Although when i show my mother (in a flap cause i'm excited), she says it is a bit grown up for me since the strappiness and chest dip thing.
So sad now i can't have it :( That's the bad thing about weheartit...and mothers.

Photo from topshop
I KNOW WHERE THIS IS FROM YAY. And it is from one of my favourite high street shops, Topshop.
To be honest, if you put it on wouldn't you look like a bunny? I don't know but i am intrigued! If you know please tell me in the comments because that is so cool : 0 Let's be bunny's together naww :)

Here is some links to my fave high-street shops takes on the polka-dot:
Miss selfridge soz about all the knickers lols and about my slang, i actually say them to make fun of them believe it or not.
H&M you can't search the site which is annoying so i sent you to a grey and black polka dot dress i found 
Urban outfitters I think the blue and white pillow set looks like a tissue that has wierd antibacterial bits, i dont know
New look has some really nice stuff 
Boohoo.com have some lovely pieces
Fashion Union only some cute bows and earrings
Hope this helps :)

And that is all from my dotty spotty polka dotty splodgy podgy post! 
Would you look like a bunny? Do you know where i can get some spotty tights?
What do you prefer spots or stripes?
All comments and opinions i appreciate so please feel free to express yourself.
Yay bye bye chums have a spiffing day :) x
Is it just me or is mr blobby frightening


  1. I actually quite like the dress with the spotty tights! It reminds me of something Zooey Deschanel would wear. Geeky? I guess that suits me down to a T haha!

    1. Hello Evie sorry for my thoughts on the dress then! haha i love geeky style too but just that dress reminds me of mrs santa :)

    2. Haha! You're right, it does look a bit like that, and everyone's entitled to an opinion ;) I've nominated you for a Liebster Award so if you wanna have a go, check it out on my blog! There's a set of questions on there. (regardingevie.blogspot.com)

  2. Omg thankyou yaay! That's good because i was actually writing one anyway and i nominated you!I will post it very soon and i will check out yours :)

  3. All these outfits are so cute!! He used to frighten me too haha. Would you like to follow eachother? x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

    1. Thankyou :) hahaa i know, why was he designed for children?! yes i would love to x