My love of October

On the morning of October the 4th i will not yet be 14, as i was born in the afternoon.
However i will (most likely) receive a few small things, i am not expecting because that is rude and ungrateful but i am hoping and wishing, off of my wishlist. Why is this? because October the 4th is my birthday : )
I love October. The month in general, not only for the reason of my birthday but because of all the small things. Here it goes for the adjectives and adverbs, and my literacy inner self letting go with poetic nonsense...

 1) The leaves begin to drop off the bare, frosty tree's - diluting into coppery orange tones that glow gold like the sunshine was stolen from the sky and wound around the bright green life, storing itself deep within the pillows of crisp, sapphire heaps, ready for a nap in the cosy cracks and corners of the streets pavements. i will stop.

 2) The wind makes me feel alive as weird as that makes me sound but when you walk outdoors for the first time in the morning and i am walking to my school bus. The fresh, frosty air gives me a much needed slap in the face and gives me a prettier-than-sweat rosy glow!

 3) Music aloud in the rain at the local park with my friends, us all wrapped up in wooly knits, mittens and beanies hiding from the splatters of frosty water drops falling.

 4) Double choca mochas. I have one everyday, honestly they are too good you should all try them! They are coffee and hot chocolate in one! but mine have more hot chocolate because i prefer them that way. You can get the sachets in tesco and you can get different varieties of them! : ) now i am not used to sickly sweet hot chocolates so i can never drink a full one when they are given to me. I would say mochas are better for those who perhaps like coffee (but honestly mine hardly taste like coffee at all) and those who find hot chocolate a bit much!

 5) Halloween!!! i cannot wait. It is one of my favourite celebrations of all time, over pancake day and over easter in some cases... I am not in Halloween for the sweets, i never was, but for the dress up! I love to dress up but not the tacky type at all, i like to go for the pretty supernatural look haha. I will be posting some halloween themed make-up and inspiration soon too!

♥ 6) Books. In the winter and autumn is when i love to read! I like books that are meant for younger than me. Not because they are more understandable, i just prefer the storylines, i find them innocent and imaginative. I also like old books like the writing style is slightly proper and old fashioned. At the moment i am reading the naughtiest girl series, i am on the 9th out of 10! But i always get distracted by my ipod and pinterest and well, this. I will hopefully get a new book for my brithday so i can retrieve my bookworm days ;)

♥ 7) Photography. I love my photography as i can capture the pretty things and try to make interesting pictures out of ordinary things. I like to play with the light and me and my dad went out at night last year and got some good motorway pictures. The ones that the light blurs across the whole road. However i prefer my natural looking pictures like tree's and flowers :)

♥ 8) i even love the word. It is pretty, unusual and kind of haunting. October feels magical to me...

Hope you enjoyed that as much as i did writing it, only a short post but personally i prefer those from other bloggers too! 
What do you love about October? 

Removing ink stains from your hands!

Because  i am an angel i will let you in on a secret,

You will want to know this secret because, i can guarantee you have had this problem before and will probably be having it again.
Ink stains, on your hands.

Sometimes i must admit, it looks good, like a cute temporary tattoo.
But other times, well babe, your pen has leaked and you have black fingers for a week at it's worst.
You want to wear a pretty ring you just bought, but you better save it for a another time. Why?
You know what it is. The dreaded ink stains.

duhhh duhhh dunnnnnnnnn

not cool

but ehhh it is okay for us, because all you have to do is..
You can use a hand sanitizer gel, which usually works for fresh stains (not quite stains anymore pha) ;)
I use the bath and body works one, though my kind friend Lucy brought it over from america, as yes, i am british- and proud.
The sanitizer is sparkly with different colour glitter bits. And it is in a cute little bottle, looking like something out of Alice in wonderland that says drink me. BEWARE though do not drink the liquid...
My friend has the the vanilla cupcake scented one and i must say even though mine smells of oranges and watermelon hers smells AMAZING.
If you are from England like me, you can get it off of amazon. Like i will when it runs out. It will.

It should go purple but then you rub your hands together and it just rubs away like magic!
Or if you are trying to break the world record for longest time without hygienically cleaning your hands, grab a lemon.
No not me.
A lemon fruit. Cut it in half then rub the cut side onto your inky skin, wash with soap, at the moment i am truly in love with the original source 'vanilla milk and raspberry' handwash.
Omg just smell it if you get the chance, it is quite sweet but heavenly and scrumptious.
This is the shower gel formula
which i need 
and that is all :)


Crisp leaves, and frosty wind, oh i love the autumn things

fall!! | via Tumblr

Hello guys,

It has just turned autumn if you didn't already realize... sorry summer lovers, i had to!
I am not sure what day it officially turns autumn, maybe that is one for you to find out and let me know down there!
pasteldreams | via Tumblr
But i love autumn.The crisp orange leaves and the mugs of warm beverage, and the way you can wrap up in what feels like a dozen soft, cosy blankets just to pop out!

Autumn gives me a sense of new beginnings. 
Oh no, new year is just new year for me. Autumn is the time i really feel a sense of fresh starts and what am i going to do differently in this part of my life?

Maybe it is because after the sticky, humid, claustrophobic heat and endless days of the summer (don't get me wrong i do like summer too but come on it is a bit humid and horrid at times?) that when it turns fresh, and frosty and it feels kind of liberating to be out in the chilling winds that wash into your hair and press into your every patch of warm skin.

It makes me feel kind of new, that i am more delicate than i realized before, so i choose my words more carefully and think straighter. The summer haze makes you feel more sleepy and dreamy i guess but then when the cold weather falls it is a sudden wake up alert.

My brain feels more ready and i actually think i am smarter in the colder months.

everybody wants to get a flame but nobody wants to get burnt | via Tumblr
I feel i am a better person because i think more of the right way to say things.
 I also feel prettier because in the heat my makeup just has to sweat itself off my face or in my pores and gives me rougher skin. In the winter and autumn my cheeks flush rosy and my skin turns pale and i look healthy...with makeup that stays!

maybe i am just rambling on a bit much and this doesn't make any sense but i feel more real in the cold. 
Liberated, free and ready.Autumn hands out fresh starts to everyone.
That must be enough reasons why autumn is my favourite month right?

OH AND HALLOWEEN. CAN'T LEAVE THAT OUT CAN I? at halloween i will do a couple of special posts.. ;)
I have also decided that i may change the look of my blog depending on which season it is, personally when im all snuggled up i like to look at a warm looking blog rather than a summery or cold plain white one. What do you think?

oh yeah. And it is my birthday on the 4th October.

Only 20 days ;)


what shall i do to celebrate my birthday? i NEED ideas QUICK! 
Any comments are appreciated greatly and every idea i will take into account!
Thankyou xxxx
Automne <3
can't you just imagine walking through here with your friends,cute huh

my hannah montana life; school me vs real me


 sorry i haven't been around in a few days, i guessed it, been at school.

Oh school is like my life 24/5 (yep otherwise i wouldn't be writing this!) 
Now i am in year 9 i have 30 minute long homework 
And gain about 3 homework per day
With only about 5 hours free time at home after
It sounds enough - doesn't it? 5 hours
It takes me an hour to relax and about 2 for dinner and preparation for yet again the next day of school 
So i generally dedicate my childhood years, it leaves me with about 2 hours for well homework which on a bad day should take me an hour and a half - or longer...
what free time then?
See where i'm going with this? 
It is a bloody prison, so children slave away having to answer questions about, i don't know, how rock erodes for an hour each lesson, then expect you to listen to their boring lectures of how to write a letter to the the goverment*, but instead (i am not the only person guilty of this) daydreaming about better things...

louis tomlinson and harry styles walking through the door willing to take me from my villain - the p.e. teacher...just when she announces the dreaded words 

cross country


Don't get me wrong. I do like school, i don't get bullied, i have many friends of which i can rely on to make my day at school much happier and bearable, and i do enjoy learning about the suffrogettes and how to paint yourself manga style, but there are many rules i would turn around and many teachers i would sack, then perhaps kick out the country or send to space.. ;)

I really could go on about all sorts of school annoyances: the other students in my year and the one below how they are the bitchiest girls and boys i will ever know (that rhyme came out of nowhere, but i kinda like it)... And how just when your self-esteem goes up they tear you right down again so your, as taylor swift might say "lying on the cold hard ground" oh yes, they strip you of the slightest and most natural looking makeup just to make you want to rebel in year 10 and 11 when you are allowed to wear makeup! 

Overall i am a different girl at school, i am nerdy and have little confidence, my voice changes depending on who i am speaking to, i constantly fret i will fart in assembly in front of the whole year though it has never happened and i feel like total crap - just how i look.

But i guess the school won't be changing any time soon, so i have decided this year i am going to work extremely hard and we will be able to pick our subjects so that should be good :) yay

Is your school like mine? Do you wear uniform like me or what you want? Please let me know! :) x
P.S. i do really like school aswell, i am just picking out the negatives. go me! I am sure if i told you about the positives that would be extremely boring so good for you, i won't! 

mwa, Claudia x

how to jazz up that teeny tiny picture...part 2

Part 2!

Now you have your cute favicon that you created from part 1 you can add it to your actual blog!

Firstly, you want to go into your blogger dashboard, then your layout then click on the edit bit of your favicon button which looks like this...

Now - once on edit, you can clickety click on the browse button!
Find your ready made favicon, it should be in your downloads file because you downloaded it dude! And it should have .ico on the end :)

After you accomplished that you can go ahead and open it!

The icon takes a little while to actually change but once it has, i am certain it will look beautiful! :)

 I hope you do change it because it is great to add your own little touch to things, after all we are all unique and i like to explore other people's choices because it's interesting.
Have a lovely evening! Mwa x

how to jazz up that teeny picture...part 1


ohhhhh i love them! I didn't have a gollapogloop what the hell they were before but now i am full speed ahead and as you can tell i have a sexy little picture (really little!) right up there in the top left corner of your screen...if you don't have many tabs up that is.

What is a favicon?
i hear you say...

Well guys a 'favicon' is a swanky word for that cute little picture next to (at the moment) 'Claudia' which is (not only) my website name (but my actual name) that shows up on the tab, a.k.a right at the top of your computer above your address bar.

If you have a blog on blogger and have not changed your favicon then dude it will look like this...

But mine looks like this...

   yep it's pandadorable! ;)
But it may not even be showing yet cause babe i only just put it on there and these things take a while.

And here is how i made it!

okay so first i want you to find the perfect picture! I suggest going on weheartit because that is where i found mine :)

Next you need to go onto a favicon generator website. I went on this which you can also edit to your picture.

After opening that up, open your picture up!
Click on import image...
And then upload image... You want to change keep dimensions to shrink to square icon.

Then find your photo and click open!

Dont panic!!!

dude it will become fuzzy and you won't hardly be able to recognise it but chill it is just getting up close and personal with your picture, magnifying it.

You can edit the colours of the squares to change your picture which means if you like you can just blank it all out and create a letter or like a logo to your website, however i wanted to keep mine pandadorable with my lovey dovey panda bears. k.

So when your done or if like me you didn't edit it then click download BUT ATTENTION

Do not click on the large download signs all around the site. Dude they are ADVERTS to TRICK you!!!!!
So click on the download which is the smaller one 'download icon' under 'preview' which also if your stuck finding it got a small picture of your own custom made favicon on a tab bar!

And walahh it shoould go into your download file with .ico on the end!

The second part to my 'how to jazz up that teeny picture ...' will be on here shortly!

Got any questions? comment!
Want me to check out your blog? comment!
Think my favicon is pandadorable? comment!
Anything to do with my blog? comment!

euggh guys just comment okay!

thanks my little bubblegums :)
x mwa