Plumper Lips

A plump pout is something that i have always yearned for. I guess i am more of a eye and hair girl. My lips barely visible unless i protrude my tongue between my teeth and my bottom lip slides out with a look of the Guffalo... better not. 
Here is a few tips i have tried, yes it works but you have to keep on top of the routine, either daily or more!
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 1) First thing first, your lips need to be smooth. Exfoliate lips before bed gently using a rough towel or flannel in small circular movements, you can use a toothbrush but i find it makes the skin on my lips break only making them rougher! After exfoliation you really must balm them up with petroleum jelly or a natural lip balm. 
The exfoliation will stimulate the blood flow to the lips which plumps your pout while giving them a nice, healthy, rosy tone. Lovely. 

2) Lighten up your lip-lining technique! Please do not draw completely over your lip-line, the inside of your line should still touch the outside of your natural line and then you can add slightly. I join up my cupid's bow with very light colour to make my top lip a little fuller.  Use a slightly blunter pencil to get a softer edge on your cupids bow and underneath the bottom lip. Naturally the peachy colour of your lips will fade out without obvious lines so do a soft line then smudge into your lip carefully. 

3) Faking fullness is all about playing with light and colour. Use a lipgloss in a nude, tinted peach or a pink hue. Choosing dark shades make lips look narrower and thin because you can tell where the lip ends. Apply the gloss to the very outer corners of your lips and sides so that in the centre of each lip you can dot on a clear or paler toned gloss. Tadaaa a 3d effect using two glosses and an optional lip-liner! Note: in a LIGHT colour! 

And now you can fake the fullest of plump pouts. If your ultimate wish is to have lips like Angelina please don't invest in injections nor surgery. Thin lips can be beautiful as they make your eyes stand out more. I have used these very tips and have conjured up alot of know-how over the last couple years of wanting my lips naturally fuller. 



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