It's all about me tag

Vital Statistics

Me: Claudia
Nicknames: Clauds, Claudi, Cladge, Cloud
Birthday: 4th October 1999
Place Of Birth: Chelmsford UK
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Papergirl!
Residence: Essex
Screen Name: Claudirella


Hair Colour: Brown 
Hair Length: Long
Eye Colour: Blue :)
Best feature: Eyes
Height: 5ft 1''?
Braces: nope and i never will!
Glasses: Nope
Piercings?: One on each ear
Tattoo's: Nope
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your First's

First Best Friend: Emilia and Jemilla
First Awards: Probably a ballet award - but then i quit
First Sport You Joined: Ballet, but i quit because the teacher told me i was flat footed and i hated it :( ha
First Real Vacation: Portugal
First Concert: One Direction! Oh yeah :D
First Love: ehh


Favourite Movie: Difficult one! maybe Matilda 
Favourite TV Show: I'm really into morning shows like Sunday Brunch or like in general disney channel :) 
Favourite Colours: Pink and Blue and Green
Song: Taylor Swift "All too well" or, "Ave Maria" by Beyonce, the old classics :)
Candy: I don't know the proper name for them but those strawberry sweets 
Restaurant: Pizza Express or Tutti's please
Store: Miss Selfridge and H&M but there are soooo many!
School: ......
Book: The English Roses (mainly for the pictures) or Anne Frank
Magazine: Vogue or Look
Shoes: Espadrilles for summer, for winter short, tan boots or wellies!


Feeling: Super excited
Single or Taken: Single ha
Eating: nothingg
Typing: um this?
Online: what even is this question of course i'm fucking online
Listening to: Avril Lavinge "contagious"
Thinking About: this post and what i'm having for dinner
Wanting: Potato zoo for dinner and ideas for new posts
Watching: computer screen
Wearing: a denim dress from h&m and i love it SO much


Want children? I want lots of mini people yes! i love children and i cannot wait even when they are adults i love the idea :)

Want to be married? Well of course my lovely children need a father (a cute one though possibly spanish?)
Careers in mind? my mind changes allll the time! I want to make it to be a skin scientist but i would love to work in something creative like advertising
Where do you want to live? A greek island please or somewhere in America or just English countryside

Have you ever

Kissed a stranger? Nope, well not that i can remember
Had alcohol? Yes but not very much
Smoked? noooo wayyyy neverrrrrr
Ran away from home? nope
Broken a bone? i fractured my arm near my shoulder in two places when a big lady on a sledge crashed into me
Got an x-ray? yes like i said i fractured my arm
Broken someones heart? i think so :(
Broken up with someone? nope
Cried when someone died? no because no one i know has died but when a girl tried to die i cried :(
Cried at school? no - i'm hard

Do you believe in

God: yes
Miracles: yes
Love at first sight: yes
Ghosts: kinda
Aliens: yes, we can't be alone
Soul mates: yes
Heaven: yes
Hell: nope
Kissing on the first date: if you really feel you want to then heck yeah!
Yourself: of course, i can do anything if i wanted to and so can you :)

I tag Lily and Soph

i tag everyone though because i think by reading these you get to know the little details about someone you don't normally ask

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