how to jazz up that teeny picture...part 1


ohhhhh i love them! I didn't have a gollapogloop what the hell they were before but now i am full speed ahead and as you can tell i have a sexy little picture (really little!) right up there in the top left corner of your screen...if you don't have many tabs up that is.

What is a favicon?
i hear you say...

Well guys a 'favicon' is a swanky word for that cute little picture next to (at the moment) 'Claudia' which is (not only) my website name (but my actual name) that shows up on the tab, a.k.a right at the top of your computer above your address bar.

If you have a blog on blogger and have not changed your favicon then dude it will look like this...

But mine looks like this...

   yep it's pandadorable! ;)
But it may not even be showing yet cause babe i only just put it on there and these things take a while.

And here is how i made it!

okay so first i want you to find the perfect picture! I suggest going on weheartit because that is where i found mine :)

Next you need to go onto a favicon generator website. I went on this which you can also edit to your picture.

After opening that up, open your picture up!
Click on import image...
And then upload image... You want to change keep dimensions to shrink to square icon.

Then find your photo and click open!

Dont panic!!!

dude it will become fuzzy and you won't hardly be able to recognise it but chill it is just getting up close and personal with your picture, magnifying it.

You can edit the colours of the squares to change your picture which means if you like you can just blank it all out and create a letter or like a logo to your website, however i wanted to keep mine pandadorable with my lovey dovey panda bears. k.

So when your done or if like me you didn't edit it then click download BUT ATTENTION

Do not click on the large download signs all around the site. Dude they are ADVERTS to TRICK you!!!!!
So click on the download which is the smaller one 'download icon' under 'preview' which also if your stuck finding it got a small picture of your own custom made favicon on a tab bar!

And walahh it shoould go into your download file with .ico on the end!

The second part to my 'how to jazz up that teeny picture ...' will be on here shortly!

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Anything to do with my blog? comment!

euggh guys just comment okay!

thanks my little bubblegums :)
x mwa