Removing ink stains from your hands!

Because  i am an angel i will let you in on a secret,

You will want to know this secret because, i can guarantee you have had this problem before and will probably be having it again.
Ink stains, on your hands.

Sometimes i must admit, it looks good, like a cute temporary tattoo.
But other times, well babe, your pen has leaked and you have black fingers for a week at it's worst.
You want to wear a pretty ring you just bought, but you better save it for a another time. Why?
You know what it is. The dreaded ink stains.

duhhh duhhh dunnnnnnnnn

not cool

but ehhh it is okay for us, because all you have to do is..
You can use a hand sanitizer gel, which usually works for fresh stains (not quite stains anymore pha) ;)
I use the bath and body works one, though my kind friend Lucy brought it over from america, as yes, i am british- and proud.
The sanitizer is sparkly with different colour glitter bits. And it is in a cute little bottle, looking like something out of Alice in wonderland that says drink me. BEWARE though do not drink the liquid...
My friend has the the vanilla cupcake scented one and i must say even though mine smells of oranges and watermelon hers smells AMAZING.
If you are from England like me, you can get it off of amazon. Like i will when it runs out. It will.

It should go purple but then you rub your hands together and it just rubs away like magic!
Or if you are trying to break the world record for longest time without hygienically cleaning your hands, grab a lemon.
No not me.
A lemon fruit. Cut it in half then rub the cut side onto your inky skin, wash with soap, at the moment i am truly in love with the original source 'vanilla milk and raspberry' handwash.
Omg just smell it if you get the chance, it is quite sweet but heavenly and scrumptious.
This is the shower gel formula
which i need 
and that is all :)



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