Jeffrey Fulvimari: my favourite artist

This my friends is my favourite artist.
He is known by many as Jeffrey Fulvimari, the artist who worked with Madonna in the creations of, my favourite children's books 'The English Roses'.
The books were Madonna's first books and she chose Jeffrey to plaster his pretty illustrations all over them! I only bought them in the first place because they looked stunning. 
Me and my mum both love his illustrations!
His style is like no other and he specializes in beautiful girls with really large eyes, no nose, swirly hair, watercolour paint running over the edges, rounded eyelashes, pouty lips and no nose!
He also does many utterly gorgeous patterns, of which i  need to show the world because he is under-appreciated i think.
His pictures are also known as bobbypin!

Born in Akron, Ohio. He attended the Cleveland Institute of Art, and the Cooper Union in New York City, where he studied photography, video, and conceptual art, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degre

Jeffrey started his illustration career in 1993, which began with commissions for
Barney's New York and Interview magazine. He was a contributor for...

Click here for jeffrey's beautiful website!
Click here for his snazzy instagram!
And here are a few of my favourite pictures drawn by him:

Pictures from the English roses...

And just some ABSOLUTLEY beautiful patterns that i wish were my wallpaper!



Hope you love them like i do!
I cannot get enough of his pictures, so do let me know what you think because i am very interested to know!
toodle pip! :)


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