My week of goodies from the high street sales

Well hello there my little kfc nuggets!
I am in a happy, up-beat mood if you couldn't tell from my razmataz intro. Razmatazz?
I say alot of 'razzle dazzle', 'swazzy', 'razmataz' and random words similar when i get excited. I started saying them to make fun of them though but now they are a bit of an odd habit...just like yolo and swag.
I have said them a few times this week actually. Maybe because i went shopping a couple of times and sifted through the endless sale items ,of which were way under half-price and very much under a tenner. That's a bit swazzy, don't you agree?
Here are a few things i bagged the other day:

Miss selfridge
This is a navy, denim pinafore that i really love! It was in the miss selfridge sales at my local store for only £10 and originally it was 40-something which i cannot remember exactly. But it is a size 6 which surprisingly did not fit as the zip does not do up completely - but i had to have it, so i kept it... i just don't do it all the way up.
 I really love the quality and i always wait till the sales come around for these shops, so you can get primark prices for long-lasting quality and comfort. 
Oh and when you put it on you feel all childish and cute!
What a good bargain!   ;)
Now onto my topshop bargains...ooh i do love it!
This crop top is a  bright colbalt blue, but looks a little lighter in this picture. It is really - can i call it pigmented? Bright and such a beautiful shade of blue it made my eyes pop (my eyes are blue and anything blue near them makes them glow bluer). 
The fact that it has long sleeves makes it the better. I have stopped buying for the summer y'anknow since the autumn is only wafting round the corner along with the chilling weather! I can wear this for a bit of colour during the dingy months of winter and be very comfortable indeed.
And onto the price! ONLY £3. All i have to say.

Also Topshop, this (not grey) black almost polo-neck, cropped top is great! 
Yes, in this picture it looks quite grey and funny but it was outside and had a close-up flash - don't diss.
Going back to basics this is just what i need to bulk up my wardrobe. I have often gone out shopping and came back with some very detailed pieces, yet i wonder, what on earth do i wear this with? 
Sometimes you just need to get the few staples.
This was £5 and i am very glad i got it! There are many tops of the same sort floating about in different variety's of different colour's, personally this black one i like because of the stretchy comfortable material and black goes with pretty much everything! Another bargain bagged ;)

I got a black and purple dress too from topshop but sadly i forgot to take the picture : (  
It was £10 aswell and had a tweedy texture with long sleeves and just above the knee length. It is quite plain but another quick outfit for the cooler days when i just want to stick something on for comfort but still look as if i put the thought in because it is stiffer than the regular stretchy material making it a little more quirky and formal.

Oh my lord. These shoes are my babies. 
I bought these Nike blazers in sky blue from la redoute online over a week ago now. We bought them half price because my mum would not get them if they weren't - it was not my birthday but i had worn my brothers old shoes for a few months now, which i loved but wanted a pair of my own thanks.
These were originally £119! But pffft who can afford that? So i got them half price in the sale, which went back up to full price straight after i bought them!  

And now for the couple of beauty items NOT in the sale but very much worth it!

This genius pot of magic works wonders. Coconut oil! 
I slather it on every night before bed, on my dry patches of skin e.g. elbows, knees etc. 
If you would like more information on this simple but effective beauty product click here
I got mine when i heard it grew eyelashes, i think it is working, but i don't have an eyelash ruler so i don't actually know  ;)
It is from superdrug for £2.29! Such a bargain when you know what it does so i urge you to have a look!

Oh my hnudfbzkivbhgbvg\subv\LBB okay? This lipstick is my absolute favourite and if you cannot tell from the's a one direction lipstick. The colour is a bold, lilac purple. It comes on smooth, pigmented and does not feel the slightest bit sticky! It doesn't last too long though as my lips went back to normal after eating a sandwich.
This shade is Louis' of course. The member of the band i love the most - i don't like to say favourite (i also believe that right this very second i am typing this, they are at the premiere for 1d3d in Leicester Square!!!). 
Yes, it is slightly odd for a boyband to have a make-up range - especially as they told us we didn't need make-up - but it was probably their managements idea to squeeze as much money out of us as they could! And it worked... But it really is still worth it, at an affordable £3 and it is such a lovely lippy.
I was actually very surprised at the quality and colour for £3 and not a proper specializing brand.
One direction, job well done.

Have you got any of the same products? Have you just loved sifting through the endless sales? What's your take on one direction's make-up brand?
Peace out cupcakes :)


  1. you brought some great things! nice post I have followed your blog :)
    Shelley x

    1. Thankyou very much!! I know i am so pleased with what i got! :) x