storage of a dressing table

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A romantic, glamorous dressing table. Very elegant and adds so much thought to a bland room but when you have lots of little bits and bobs...well it may start to look a little cluttered. Dirty make-up brushes splayed across the surface, necklace chains in a heap too wound together you constantly turn down wearing them.
In this post i shall urge you to create an organised, elegant dressing table space so you can easily put on your...face. After all a pretty space is a pretty face ;)

1) First thing you have to do is basically wipe everything off your table. But don't take that too literally since smashing perfume bottles everywhere won't give you a good, clean start.
The organisation will start off the table.

2) You want to invest in some storage such as trinkets and jewellery racks. Also if your dressing table is quite small you want to get some decorative boxes to stack underneath the table.
 I suggest you don't put 5+ trinkets/storage boxes on the table because you want as much space as you can and it can become to look a little messy.
 Clear compartments are nice as you get to see what you have.
Try finding a big jewellery box that has lots of compartments inside and then stand it so it's taller than wide, standing upright, this way you take less space and it looks so much neater!

D.I.Y drawers compartments
    If you have drawers you should buy or find some thick cardboard by "thick" i mean the kind with wavy bits between each layer (regular card won't stay upright), and you can cover it in a pretty wrapping paper or if your feeling creative paint it, if your feeling swanky use wood (but i'm no carpenter so i use cardboard). You want to measure it to the width of your draw and the height then cut to size.
     By making the width a third of the draw's width then placing it next to a longer board,  you can create smaller compartments.
    Wedge your card in between two draw walls or a wall and another piece of card. I know i'm confusing you so here's a picture...
      From the left: jewellery box, drawer compartments, storage boxes and "sandwich cardboard"

    3) Then you will arrange your stuff  into categories...

    • Make-up brushes (keep in a pot or tub with the bristles facing up)
    • Hair brushes (also keep in a pot or tub with head facing up)
    • lip products (cut your lipstick boxes in half so that you have two boxes and carry on until you have enough for all your lipgloss/lipsticks, now stick them side by side at the bottom of a box, keep the products one in each mini box with the coloured label that tells you the shade of the product on top)
    • palettes (stack pallettes in draw then fan them out to give you a good idea of the colours)
    • tubs e.g. moisturisers, hair products (you can store these in decorative boxes)
    • other make-up products (arrange what you left into the shape of the packaging e.g. if it's concealer like a lipstick put with the lipsticks or if you prefer put it with all your skin masking products like foundation and powders into one draw or box)
    • bracelets (you can, if your feeling swankay, put them around candles but it depends on the size of the bracelet and how it's done up otherwise use my tip below)
    • necklaces (you can also use my tip below or get a coat hanger, preferably one of those pretty, patterned ones with cushioning, and fasten some hooks onto the cushioning with hot glue or super glue, you can buy hooks from a craft shop or home decorating shop)
    • rings (in jewellery boxes there are usually ring holes otherwise make your own using a sponge and scisors, cut small slits and poke in your rings, but it doesn't matter too much because rings don't tangle so just pop them in a trinket)
    • ear-rings (know you can easily buy earring holders they are every where! You can also pop them in a pretty trinket)
    • And other 'bits and bobs' i may have forgotten 

    • 4) Next, still away from the dressing table, you want to place each set of things into a different compartment - and keep it that way!

      Top Tip:

       For keeping necklaces and bracelets untangled (preferably in your draw because it doesn't look too good!) you can slip it into a straw. Make sure you leave some of the ends hanging out so you can attach the ends, then place in your draw. An easy way to keep your chains untangled!
      Ooooh and try to label boxes and pots and trinkets - it makes sleepy mornings so much easier, trust me!

    Oh my that was a lot to take in, i'm not the best at explaining but hopefully it's a rough guide you don't have to do it my way but this is my tips for storing your beauty products on a dressing table                                                              ;)


    If you have any questions please leave a comment and i will answer
    Also if you have anything you want me to do a post on because you can't find the answer to whatever it is ANYWHERE i can help you bebs. I'm helpful like that :)


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