Sometimes i think (i know) i was born way too late and sometimes i just wish i had been able to live through my favourite decades but instead the 21st century has become my home. dear o dear 
Don't get me wrong tho hun
i like technology here and there but unlike many i know i could live without it and i would be so much better off because i would be reading like 'little women' right now ok

My main reason for wanting to live through another decade is the music and the fashion
I want to live in the 1920's or at least visit.
funfact guys: Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were born in the 1920's weyheyy
Another funfact: Downton Abbey is set in the 1920's!

Recently i found some really cute old fashioned pictures taken in the 1920's, i found them on one of my favourite websites weheartit, check it out because if you don't your life won't be complete

Basically i need to share them...

ahh when i first saw this i thought it was Leo Dicaprio idk its not

Google Image Result for http://aprilemillo.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/snow-in-new-york-20s.jpg%3Fw%3D497%26h%3D405

Paris in 1920's

<3 love this.
this is my favourite i love the stars in her hair :)

At the moment there are some really pretty flapper style dresses floating about and i found a couple in places such as topshop and miss selfridge so yo check em out if you loving what im loving


  1. One of my favorite era's definitely !


  2. I love 1920's fashion myself! I love the funfacts, I had no idea they were born back then :D



    1. hehee neither did i until i researched for the post! the hair on downton abbey is beautiful though :) xx