Pretty Party Nails

  This is my very first beauty post about a swanky nail design that's really simple and i found it out by experimenting myself. This nail look is good if your varnish is beginning to chip and as mine was i couldn't bring myself to remove it, it was a chanel polish and probably the last i could get out of the bottle! I like nail designs that are easy - not because i don't have time but because i have not yet mastered a steady left hand in nail painting. Honestly i have only taught my left hand to paint my right hand nails recently and if i try to push it's skills it looks an utter mess. So this nail look should be fool-proof and both hands should look beautiful and neat!
*All photo's are mine
Firstly paint your nails in whatever colour you like (or the colour it was already painted in even if it has a few chips), I suggest putting on a base coat of clear before so the colour in the polish doesn't stain your natural nails. 
I painted mine in 'Chanel: Organdy' a sheek, classic and girly pink.

Then, when it has dried, paint on your second colour, one nail at a time because the next step is to get a cotton bud i think they call them Q-tips in america and with light pressure dab away at the second coat to get a concrete effect. When your dabbing at it, the polish should be still damp, that's why you do it one at a time otherwise they would have dried. Common sense, see i do have some ;)
You should think about what colours go well in this, a good mix is denim blue underneath with white on top so it looks like acid wash jeans or navy blue with silver on top looks like a pretty night sky.
Claire's mini nail polish in 20

And lastly on 3 out of 5 of your nails paint on a sparkly polish if you want to razzle dazzle it up a bit! 
Barry M's sequin nail effect polishes look best and i chose one in SNP 1 pink, on my index finger, thumb and the ring finger (the finger next to the little finger). Barry M also do the sequin nail effect in white, black and pink. They are honestly beautiful and look so yummy - it actually looks like a birthday cake mixed with magic and sequins stuck to your nail.
And this is the end result, a concrete and sequin girly look for day and night. 

Thanks for reading bebs
Are they called Q-tips? 



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