An act of random kindness

An Act Of Random Kindness...

Faith in Humanity Restored
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Just yesterday me and three friends went shopping in our local city center and as we walked down the street we noticed a homeless man. It was the hottest day of the year but this man seemed to have a thick hoodie on, a sleeping bag knotted round him and a beanie underneath!He also had a dirty beard, a common sign of homelessness. He seemed so out of place amongst the hundreds of summery chums passing. When me and Soph went to starbucks she bought a very large, pink frappe thingy and the woman behind the till told her that after 2pm she could get any drink for £2. She decided to give that drink to the homeless man we had noticed earlier (awh how kind!) Since kindness is contagious and she was about to do such a lovely thing, i wanted to take part in this little session of cuteness ;) So i just bought a marshmallowy thingy at starbucks too and we ventured over to the (scary) looking man who was "making love"(please note: he wasn't actually being sexual with the food he was eating ferociously with puppy dog eyes) to a small burger he bought from McDonalds obviously enjoying it and obviously hungry! 
First of all we were - well a little hesitant, he looked pretty rough and about 35; we are 13 and vulnerable children. lols. But we thought #YOLO ha just kidding we felt like good citizens and decided he needed our random act of kindness to help him through the long day. 
After we gave our little sacrifice he thanked us very much, good guy good guy. And SINCE he was so appreciative we later went to the pound shop (i wasn't feeling that nice ;)) and bought 6 bottles of water -  what you can get these days for a pound, and gave them to the poor guy, who again thanked us very much. 
What i'm getting at here is that our little sacrifice can make a huge amount of difference to one persons life - he will probably remember us now as the sweet little, angelic children...And a random act of kindness is just what this world needs. If you did one every month even every week, wouldn't that make someones life positively better? And if everyone did one, every week, even every day, wouldn't that cure so many problems, make the world a better place to live? 
Make your random act of kindness today :)

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