Crisp leaves, and frosty wind, oh i love the autumn things

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Hello guys,

It has just turned autumn if you didn't already realize... sorry summer lovers, i had to!
I am not sure what day it officially turns autumn, maybe that is one for you to find out and let me know down there!
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But i love autumn.The crisp orange leaves and the mugs of warm beverage, and the way you can wrap up in what feels like a dozen soft, cosy blankets just to pop out!

Autumn gives me a sense of new beginnings. 
Oh no, new year is just new year for me. Autumn is the time i really feel a sense of fresh starts and what am i going to do differently in this part of my life?

Maybe it is because after the sticky, humid, claustrophobic heat and endless days of the summer (don't get me wrong i do like summer too but come on it is a bit humid and horrid at times?) that when it turns fresh, and frosty and it feels kind of liberating to be out in the chilling winds that wash into your hair and press into your every patch of warm skin.

It makes me feel kind of new, that i am more delicate than i realized before, so i choose my words more carefully and think straighter. The summer haze makes you feel more sleepy and dreamy i guess but then when the cold weather falls it is a sudden wake up alert.

My brain feels more ready and i actually think i am smarter in the colder months.

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I feel i am a better person because i think more of the right way to say things.
 I also feel prettier because in the heat my makeup just has to sweat itself off my face or in my pores and gives me rougher skin. In the winter and autumn my cheeks flush rosy and my skin turns pale and i look healthy...with makeup that stays!

maybe i am just rambling on a bit much and this doesn't make any sense but i feel more real in the cold. 
Liberated, free and ready.Autumn hands out fresh starts to everyone.
That must be enough reasons why autumn is my favourite month right?

OH AND HALLOWEEN. CAN'T LEAVE THAT OUT CAN I? at halloween i will do a couple of special posts.. ;)
I have also decided that i may change the look of my blog depending on which season it is, personally when im all snuggled up i like to look at a warm looking blog rather than a summery or cold plain white one. What do you think?

oh yeah. And it is my birthday on the 4th October.

Only 20 days ;)


what shall i do to celebrate my birthday? i NEED ideas QUICK! 
Any comments are appreciated greatly and every idea i will take into account!
Thankyou xxxx
Automne <3
can't you just imagine walking through here with your friends,cute huh


  1. autumn is my absolute fav omg ive been looking forward to it for ages now and youve just got me more in the mood. I also need to think of ideas to do for my birthday gah but great post!:)

    1. thanks! i know the feeling, i have been reading other peoples and needed to right my own as it is MY FAVCOURITE season. yup i am always clueless right the day before though and it sucks :)

  2. Nice post :)

    You have a wonderful blog.
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin? It would be great just let me know :)


    1. thankyou! YES of course i would love to! :D x