i have new boots!

this will be short & sweet guys, but i just need to rave about my new boots that just got delivered to my home (for FREE)   :    o
Here is the deets, then i will get to the ''free' part ;)

  • they are from Topshop my love
  • they are perfectly comfortable
  • they were £45 
  • they make me so happy :0

They were free because (you could try this one out) they weren't in store so me and mum asked the woman at the desk and she gave us this 'findit' card that you can use on the website to get it delivered but for free where it's normally like £2 from topshop. 
Try it and thank me later :)

Byeeeeeee xx
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Sometimes i think (i know) i was born way too late and sometimes i just wish i had been able to live through my favourite decades but instead the 21st century has become my home. dear o dear 
Don't get me wrong tho hun
i like technology here and there but unlike many i know i could live without it and i would be so much better off because i would be reading like 'little women' right now ok

My main reason for wanting to live through another decade is the music and the fashion
I want to live in the 1920's or at least visit.
funfact guys: Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were born in the 1920's weyheyy
Another funfact: Downton Abbey is set in the 1920's!

Recently i found some really cute old fashioned pictures taken in the 1920's, i found them on one of my favourite websites weheartit, check it out because if you don't your life won't be complete

Basically i need to share them...

ahh when i first saw this i thought it was Leo Dicaprio idk its not

Google Image Result for http://aprilemillo.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/snow-in-new-york-20s.jpg%3Fw%3D497%26h%3D405

Paris in 1920's

<3 love this.
this is my favourite i love the stars in her hair :)

At the moment there are some really pretty flapper style dresses floating about and i found a couple in places such as topshop and miss selfridge so yo check em out if you loving what im loving